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Inhumations and Incinerations

We offer you different options for the rest of the remains of your loved ones, Inhumations / Burials, Crematories / Incinerations and Sale of Plots / Funeral Spaces.



For your comfort, we take care of the logistics and any infrastructure that is necessary to carry out a burial in any public or private cemetery, fulfilling, thus, the wishes of the deceased person and their families.

We work with different cemeteries throughout the province of Malaga in order to meet the wishes of our customers and accommodate their preferences perfectly. We will provide you and your family with a professional, human service of the highest quality.

Advised by our professionals, you will be able to choose the final destination for your loved one, whether it is a niche or grave, a crypt or chapel.


Cremation Incineration

Cremation/incineration is an option that more and more people are choosing today, as opposed to traditional burial for various reasons. Funeraria Robles Navarro offers crematories in several enclaves of the Malaga province and we have our own incineration crematorium, in which the whole incineration process will be carried out with the highest quality and professionalism. The ashes of the deceased person can have several resting destinations depending on the will of each person: family custody, inhumation in columbarium, niche or burial or recreation in specific areas, the sea, etc.

We also have handmade jewelry such as Pendants and Charms to keep the ashes of the deceased person and always carry their memory very close to you. We will advise and help you choose all parts of the cremation service with the highest quality and professionalism, from the best crematories to the most suitable type of coffin for incineration.

We also have a great variety of funeral urns and we will advise you in a professional way on all the procedures that need to be resolved or any other question or doubt that may arise, since Funeraria Robles Navarro offers a comprehensive funeral service.


Plots and Funeral Spaces Sale and Rental

We offer our Integral Funeral Service as a complement, as well as the possibility of renting and selling Funeral Spaces and Plots destined to pantheons or graves and niches/columbariums destined to urns of ashes or remains in both Public and Private cemeteries.

You can contact us to consult the funerary space availability in which you are interested and we will advise you with the utmost professionalism to fulfill your wishes.