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International Transfers and Repatriations

At Funeraria Robles Navarro we have a modern vehicles fleet, conditioned and equipped for national and international funerary transfers.

We also offer you all the necessary services for the repatriation of the deceased person to any part of the world, strictly guaranteeing all the legal and bureaucratic requirements.


National Transfers

Funeraria Robles Navarro is a company specialized in National and International Transfer Services.

We offer you the possibility of entrusting a single company with all the necessary formalities for the transfer of the deceased person, from the moment of death until the arrival of the remains at their destination. We actively accompany you throughout the process, emphasizing the human touch of closeness and respect.

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International Transfers and Repatriations

We are a global company with associated enterprises and employees located around the world. We are specialised in the International Repatriation of the deceased or the ashes of the deceased person.

We cooperate with airlines, aid agencies and government institutions around the world to provide you with quick and cost-effective repatriation services, ensuring that the remains of the deceased are treated with the utmost respect and care.


Ash Repatriation

In the Ash Repatriation Service we include the collection of the remains of the deceased person, the management and processing of all necessary documents, the contact with the relevant authorities and the delivery of the remains to a destination address.

Our experience and collaboration with the most important airlines, assistance agencies, crematories and government institutions worldwide allow us to provide coverage to speed up and solve everything related to the ashes cremation and repatriation of your loved one.