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Tanato-Aesthetic and Tanatopraxy Service

The professionals in Tanato-aesthetics and Tanatopraxy of Funeraria Robles Navarro offer an improvement service in the conservation and aesthetic care of the deceased for the perfect presentation of our loved one.


The perfect presentation of the deceased person

The perfect presentation of the deceased through the work of Tanato-aesthetic and Tanatopraxy professionals is one of the most important parts of grief and it is a service that is increasingly in demand. Of course, in this aspect of the funeral service we must show the utmost care and sensitivity, since it represents the last image that relatives and loved ones of the deceased will have of their loved one.

At Funeraria Robles Navarro we have a team of professionals specialized in tanato-aesthetics and tanatopraxy who will take care of all the details so that the last farewell to your loved one implies an image of rest and peace, respecting the appearance and features that he had in life at the maximum.

Contact us without any commitment for the details of this important part of the process of farewell to your loved one.

Tanato Estética Funeraria

What is tanato-aesthetics?

By tanato-aesthetics we mean all the techniques that are carried out in order to perform all the necessary aesthetic care so that the deceased person presents the most natural appearance possible during mourning.

These techniques include both the process of makeup and dressing the deceased.

The main objective of this work is that the relatives and loved ones of the deceased remember them with the best possible appearance. It has been proven that a natural and presentable image of the deceased helps us to overcome the mourning process. Therefore, we are talking about a necessary funeral service, increasingly in demand.

The tools we use in tanato-aesthetics for the make-up work of the deceased are, above all, special make-up brushes and paintings that have been specifically designed for tanato-aesthetics, which are applied to the different areas of the skin as necessary so that the face of the deceased person reflects an emotional state of peace and rest and gets the right tone, so when relatives and close people see their loved one, they can keep a memory as close as possible to the one they already have of the person they met in life.