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Urns for funerary ashes

We put at your disposal our wide catalogue of funeral urns for the rest of the deceased person and we will advise you on the one that best adapts to the final destination of your loved one.


Metal Funeral Urns

Our urns for funeral ashes are made of high quality, free of lead metals, and therefore free of harmful substances. The urns collection is distinguished by its exclusive designs and special finishes.

All products are coated with a special varnish, consisting of a combination of galvanisation and varnishing, which provides long-lasting protection and a glossy finish. All of this turns our urns to very high quality products.


Ceramic Funeral Urns

Ceramic is a widely used material for the production of urns. Ceramists mix specially selected ingredients to obtain the desired ceramic mass. With this clay, each artist models his works, with his specific finish.

Due to the mechanical characteristics of the ceramic, after the firing process, it becomes a non-deformable material, exceptionally resistant to impacts and wear. All the ceramic works in our collection are modeled and supplied exclusively for our company.


Biodegradable Funeral Urns

Bio urns are handmade, using natural organic materials, so they are totally biodegradable. The manufacturers of these natural urns have been specifically selected with an ecological production in mind.

Therefore, we can guarantee that all Bio urns are made from raw materials of vegetable or mineral origin. These urns can be buried or submerged in the high sea, which means that the ashes, in a symbolic and ecological way, return to nature.


Crystal Funeral Urns

All the crystal urns in our collection are made from the world-famous Bohemian crystal. This crystal from the Czech Republic is characterized by the same brilliance as diamonds. Each urn is hand-blown by an experienced professional and is an exclusive work of art.

Being an artist of blown glass remains a millenary trade, which today is still considered a special technique, very difficult to master. That is why each one of the urns has its own unique details, without affecting the basic model.


Wooden Funeral Urns

The collection of wooden urns is characterized by exceptional quality and finish. The wood used for these urns is called Radiata Pine, which comes from specially controlled forests in northern Spain. The great advantage of this type of pine, apart from its high quality, is the fact that it only takes 30 years to reach adulthood, unlike traditional woods, such as beech, chestnut and oak, which need almost 200 years.

The production process of the tree becoming an urn includes 15 different operations, most of them are carried out by hand. The result is a very resistant craftsmanship urn.


Marble Funeral Urns

Marble is a traditional material in the funeral sector and a unique natural product. The high quality marble that we use for our urns comes from Asian quarries. There, large blocks of this natural stone are cut, which are then worked with the help of special moulds in order to obtain the shape of a marble urn.

Because each block has its own tonalities, crystalline forms and veins, no two urns are alike, resulting in a durable product with its own unique character.


Here you can find our complete collection of Funeral Ash Urns with the available models that we have.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will advise you to choose the product that best suits your needs and desires.