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Adrián Díaz

Adrián Díaz


Tanato-Aesthetics / Commercial Manager

As a funerary advisor at Funeraria Robles Navarro I take care of the organization of all the details after the death of a person. I am in charge of providing all the information about the funeral services and about what is necessary for the wake, burial or incineration. We know how difficult it is to lose someone important, and that’s why we understand that it’s a very complicated time when family members can feel overwhelmed by the situation. That’s the main reason for the kind of advice I give.

My duties as an advisor allow the family to go through grief and the loss of a loved one in their own way, putting every detail in the hands of an expert team of professionals and delegating the usual steps and formalities after the death. The funeral consultant always takes into account the will of the family when organizing a farewell event.

In the case of procedures, being one of my main functions, I know the steps at first hand and I have experience with the procedures of municipalities, courts and registries. This will be very useful at such a difficult time.

For all of this and more, as an advisor, I offer you the possibility of accompanying and advising you during this very difficult stage.

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