Inhumation and Exhumation

For your comfort, we take care of the logistics and any infrastructure that is necessary to carry out a burial in any public or private cemetery, fulfilling, thus, the wishes of the deceased person and their families.

Cremation and Incineration

Cremation/incineration is an option that more and more people are choosing today, as opposed to traditional burial for various reasons. Funeraria Robles Navarro offers crematories in several enclaves of the Malaga province and we have our own incineration crematorium, in which the whole incineration process will be carried out with the highest quality and professionalism. The ashes of the deceased person can have several resting destinations depending on the will of each person: family custody, inhumation in columbarium, niche or burial or recreation in specific areas, the sea, etc.

Funeral Home and Own Funeral Parlor

Funeraria Robles Navarro offers you the most well-kept rooms in the best funeral parlors, so that the relatives and friends of the deceased person will spend the hardest and most emotional farewell and meeting moments in the best possible way.