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Coffins and Chests July 22, 2020


With the aim of providing a comprehensive funeral service, we offer our customers the option of acquiring coffins and chests of various types, adapted for different uses, but always according to their tastes. We have an extensive catalogue of wooden coffins that we complement with other types of products, according to the final destination of the deceased person, whether it is a burial, inhumation or incineration.

We believe that the choice of the type of coffin is very important for the farewell of our loved one, since it is where the body will rest, and has a very important role in the ceremony, as we will see for the last time the deceased person in its interior.

All these reasons make aesthetics and finishes have a great importance for the relatives and close people, and in Funeraria Robles Navarro, our greatest concern is to achieve their greatest satisfaction. Our team of professionals will advise and help you with an unequalled human treatment, so that you and your relatives say goodbye to your loved one in the best possible way.

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