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Mineral For Funeral Ashes August 24, 2020


Our minerals for ashes catalogue is at your disposal.


Green Quartz

It provides emotional and mental stability. It is an ideal stone for spiritual prosperity.

It offers internal tranquility and a positive attitude towards life and its environment to those who use it.



It is considered a highly protective crystal, reducing fears and neutralizing negativity.

Called “the stone of feeling”, it is indicated for giving to people who have lost a loved one.


Rose Quartz

It is a stone of peace and unconditional love providing self-esteem and emotional clarity.

It strengthens empathy and sensitivity, helping us to accept the stages of change. It is an excellent stone to face periods of crisis.


White Quartz

Known as the stone of peace of mind, it will keep us away from evil thoughts and will greatly provide us with positive energy.

It improves states of confusion and sadness, helping us to think more clearly.



The mission of the hematite is to connect the spirit with the body, therefore, it is of great help to people who feel disconnected from their soul after a loss.

It gives energy to assimilate the changes.



It helps to accept the cycle of life and to lose the fear of death. It It restores vitality and motivation, especially after a traumatic event.

It is an ideal mineral to combat negative thoughts and help you enjoy the present.

View or download our complete catalogue of minerals for ashes here

Here you can find our complete collection of Minerals for Funeral Ashes with all the available models.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will advise you on choosing the product that best suits your needs and desires.

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